[New York, NY] Consulting Quest has just launched the Consulting Quest Global Directory, the world’s largest professionally-managed directory in the consulting industry.

About it

With more than 2000 Consulting firms profiled, the Directory lists consultancies with more than 8000 offices spread across 160 countries, with links to their websites and social media channels, searchable by consultancy name or by region, capability or industry. Both company headquarters and local offices are mapped, so Consulting Clients easily find consulting firms in a specific area. All information in the Consulting Quest Global Directory is collated by hand and constantly updated. Consulting Firms can claim their business and manage their profile.

“We understand that companies need the perfect fit in terms of skillset, value proposition, style, culture, and geography.”, says Helene Laffitte, Consulting Quest’s CEO. “The right consultant for a given project is not necessarily qualified for the next one. Consulting Clients want to know what are the Consulting Firms they could use for their project, the Consulting Quest Global Directory meets that need. ”

To learn more about the Global Directory or Consulting Quest, contact Dominic Prisco at +1 609 516 4495 or email, dominic.prisco@consultingquest.com, or visit the website at directory.consultingquest.com